Episode #6 - Hello Monkey

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Episode #6 - Hello Monkey

Post by Emma Swan on Tue 12 Apr - 19:36:38

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #6 - Hello Monkey

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, we say goodbye to the second houseguest. Will it be Flynn or will it be Cruella?


There was some last minute scrambling before the vote.

Yzma's Diary Room

I dont have anything to candy cane sweater about yet. LOL

Gretel's Diary Room

It is week 2 and I am feeling stretched too thin with allies, but this means I should be safe until jury.

I only don't know: Flynn, Queen M, Ursula and Yzum. Concerning Peter/Dopey I am not "aligned" persay, but we've met.

I really hope Cruella stays this time.

Peter Pan's Diary Room

Well Pumba won veto. Good for him. but damn it. I am terrible at nominating people. pineapple slurpee.

Well, this HOH wasn't a total failure. I found out there is an alliance that want Pumba in. And I found out there is 3 people that want him. Also, Scar is one who told me, so there is my crack in it.

Queen Mombi's Diary Room

So after my ridiculous vote faux-pas, I think I fell off the radar a little bit. The only people I talk to are King Scar, and Cruella.

Scar: "What are we thinking of for the vote? May I just interject that I've never once spoken to Flynn. What's everyone's impressions of him?

Congrats on the veto by the way Pumba!!!"

Pumba: "I haven't spoken with Flynn. Cruella messaged me asking for my vote, but I haven't responded yet"

Scar: "I guess Peter wants Cruella out? But I like her. And my impression of her is that she's nice and someone who wants to be here. I haven't talked to Flynn at all. So that's where my head is at.

Just glad it isn't one of us up there!"

Abu: "I haven't spoken to Flynn either."

Tiana: "I assume Flynn is inactive? I don't care who we vote but I want to vote with the group so we can have a voting majority...

Do you think if we vote out Cruella it will strengthen our alliance by keeping an inactive who isn't voting with anyone?"

Abu: "yeah that's true also, Tiana."

Pumba: "I see value in both. But if Peter is telling people he would prefer cruella leave, I would think a majority would honor his wishes, no?"

Scar: "I have no way of knowing. But we're six strong right here and I assume Cruella has asked others too. Flynn hasn't even messaged anyone that I'm aware of, so I don't see the merit in keeping him around. I haven't spoken to him at all. Plus Cruella could want to go after Peter after all this is said and done. I think she'd be grateful that people chose to keep her.

It is best if we vote as a block though. Smile"

Cinderella: "Hi everyone, sorry I'm late to the party. I can go either way for this vote so it's really whatever you guys want."

Pumba: "I have two suggestions. Since this isn't a make or break vote we can either all just vote how we want, or take a vote and vote the same. I would suggest just voting how we want since it seems like the majority doesn't care one way or the other."

Gretel: "Didn't see this until now. Hey Smile Glad you came off Pumba.

Cruella asked for my vote too. I can vote however best helps our group tho."

Cinderella: "I kind of agree with Pumba, plus it will help hide our alliance if we just vote separately. For the most part we all seem to be up in the air, so I say let's vote and whatever happens, happens."

Abu gets up from the couch and decides to go grab a banana. It gives Cinderella an idea to make a sundae.

Abu: "I agree with you on this vote. Let the chips fall where they may with this vote. Good luck at HOH, girl. I hope one of us get it and we are safe."

Cinderella: "*nods*"

Cinderella goes over to the table and starts eating her ice cream goodness in peace. Pumba walks in the kitchen and asks Abu to grab him an apple.

Pumba: "Hello monkey"

Abu: "Hey Pumba, you did it again!"

Pumba: "Whew

Who do you want to vote out"

Abu: "Don't have a preference. But a few of them want Cruella out, even before the POV. you heard anything pumba?"

Pumba: "Yeah I heard Pants wants Cruella out too, so we can just do that"

Abu: "Scar seems to be pushing for Cruella to stay. It might be nothing and that he would like an active to stay over an inactive, but keep an eye out for that."

Since Scar seem to be the most passionate about this vote. Abu decides it's in his best interest to have a one on one with him. He sees Scar is licking his paws alone in the living room. He takes his banana and goes to sit by him.

Scar: "I've just heard Peter wants her out. But some others have randomly said that they have at least talked to her and like her. Doesn't sound like Flynn's spoken much to anyone. I'd rather keep in someone who will actually be around."

Abu: "I think Tiana brought up the advantage of keeping an inactive over active player, from a practical standpoint. But I guess it's also practical to keep Cruella in so she will be after Pan, and maybe not us."

Scar: "Yeah either way makes sense."

Abu: "I guess let the cards fall where they may on this one, Scar. Good luck at HOH, chances are one of us will get it and we might be safe."

Scar: "Thanks Abu. You too! Glad it's an extended one."

There was another divided vote ahead for the house, but they had to make up their minds soon, it was time to vote.

Eviction Ceremony #2

HOH - Peter Pan
Nominees - Pumba and Cruella de Vil
POV - Pumba (used on himself)
Nominees - Flynn Rider and Cruella de Vil

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending

Abu goes into the Diary Room and votes:
"Abu is scared of her, I vote Cruella"

Baymax is next in and votes:
"The animals are not safe here with Cruella, I have to vote her out to help my friend Abu"

Cinderella follows behind Baymax to vote:
"Cinderella promised her vote, Cinderella votes with honesty, for Cruella"

Dopey is next to vote:
"She voted for me last time but I don't hold a grudge. For that reason I'm voting Flynn"

Gretel touches her socks for good luck before going inside the room.:
"Easy vote for me, I vote out FLYNN"

Kristoff walks and winks at Emma:
"My allies want me to vote Flynn but guess what? I'm my own person and I vote Cruella."

Pumba let's out a little fart on his way to the voting room.:
"You can't knock this pig down, I vote Cruella"

Queen Mombi licking her lips as she looks at everyone's head.:
"with that hair, I bet his has a delicious brain. I vote Flynn"

Scar gives a non chalant look over to the camera:
"*Yawns* I vote for Flynn"

Ursula sashays over to the couch:

Yzma looking over to Ursula for approval.:
"Yzma in the house, I vote Flynn."

Tiana failed to vote and therefore cannot participate tonight or be named Head of Household.

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely

Flynn Rider

Thank you so much for joining. I know you had planned to be more active, hope all is well.

Challenge in 10 minutes.

Peter Pan: "Wait, who's Flynn?"

Scar: "haha"

Kristoff: "Bye Flynn!"

Another one just bit the dust. Who will be assigned the next Head of Household title? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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