Episode #7 - That's a Co-Host

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Episode #7 - That's a Co-Host

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 12:03:09

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #7 - That's a Co-Host

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, someone will win a new Wizard power and shake the game up a little more.


Scar and Cruella hug out the fact that she stayed.

Scar: "Tiana didn't vote. Idk what she would've voted. Glad you're still here!"

Cruella de Vil: "Thanks Scar. Luckily it wasn't a tie."

Abu and Baymax are chilling by the pool. Baymax has to be careful he doesn't get pushed in but for now they are the only 2 outside.

Baymax: "I love how we are in 2 separate rooms together, keeping tabs on more players. You are my #2 in this game I think together we will go far!

Do you talk to Ursula, Cinderella, Yzma, or Queen Mombi? They are the only ones I have no spoken to at all in this game so hopefully you can keep tabs on some of them. I can keep tabs on Scar, Pumba, Dopey, and possibly Tiana but I have no spoken to her since the beginning."

Abu: "Thank you for your companionship, Bay. You are always looking out for Abu. I talked to Cinderella. But haven't talk to Ursula, Yzma, Queen Mombi or Evil Queen. I also talk to Scar, Pumba, and Tiana. So we can always double check out information and see if they are honest. as for the others that we haven't spoken too, do you think they might have some kind of evil queen pact or something?"

Baymax: "It is possible and would make sense why they have no spoken to either of us.

Let's make a plan to reach out to them together, I will pick Yzma and Ursula if you want to do the 2 queens? If not feel free to suggest who you want to reach out to. That way we can keep tabs on them together."

Abu: "yeah I think it's possible they might be comfortable within their alliance. I'll try reaching out to the two queens, Bay."

Baymax's Diary Room

Oh poop. Time to pretend I voted to evict Flynn. Can robots lie? This one can.

Cruella de Vil's Diary Room

I guess some people did not appreciate me becoming the character. I thought it was fun, but some of the others I feel did not like it. Peter Pan does not like me at all. I wonder if he knows who I am and that is why he is coming after me. I really have only one person who doesn't like me much in these games so maybe Peter Pan is that person.

I will stay UTR for awhile...

Gretel's Diary Room

So Flynn left. YAY! The votes are going my way so far, not that I'm putting much effort into keeping anyone, just getting lucky here. I will fully admit that.

I see the next wizarding power challenge is writing 900 words. NO THANK YOU. Gretel will be sitting this one out. Whoever does this is lame.

Scar is a little worried about the fact Tiana didn't vote. He sees Gretel wandering the halls aimlessly and decides to talk with her about it.

Scar: "Tiana makes me alarmed a little. She doesn't vote, then is asking basically for a vote break-down like we would know? And she conveniently doesn't vote but acts like she knows exactly how our group of people voted...

I probably won't say much more on that thread about the last vote because I have no idea. It's all speculation at this point...

Maybe I am just being weird but her wording seems very leading..."

Gretel: "LOL!! I know. Something is a little off...maybe she is just overplaying? I still doubt she's pulling anything against us this early on.

You're right, how would we know the votes? Lol. I also get the sense Pumba/Cindy don't like or trust us. I feel like I'm in a room with random strangers :/"

Scar: "Yeah Pumba and Cindy talk to me, but don't really "talk" to me if that makes sense. I don't think Tiana is against us at this moment, but she is certainly putting herself in a place where she could go against us if it suited her later..."

Gretel: "Yep so we gotta make sure we are covered too"

Scar: "Exactly. Cindy barely talks to me."

Gretel: "I don't talk much to anyone. My schedule has been bad lately but I'll try to talk more."

The players ventured into the backyard where they were greeted with pages of storybooks all over the place. It was time for their next Wizard challenge.

Abu: "Wish me luck, Pete. I'm gonna go hard for that HOH so that the power is still in our hands."

Peter Pan: "I'm wishing and hoping my monkey friend!!"

The Wizard Challenge #3 (Once Upon a Time)

And they lived happily ever after...

Tiana you cannot participate.

It's time to get your quills and ink bottles out and come up with the next Fairytale idea!!!!

You are now tasked to come up with the new Fairytale Hero and Villain. Here is what you need to do in order to have a chance at winning this challenge.

- Create a hero and a villain and give me a name, physical description of both and add a biography for both
- In 900 words or less, give me your fairytale story including your hero and villain (you can have more characters in the actual story)
* The 900 is just for the story, not the hero and villain description/biography
- Your story must have a title
- You must name actors who would play them or voice all your characters in your story
- It must start with "Once upon a time"
- It must end with "And they lived happily ever after

The End"


- Post your submission in your Diary Room
- You have until 9:00 p.m. EST Sathurday April 9th
- You can only send once
- You will lose 3 points off your total if you go over 900 words. You will lose 2 points off your total if you do not have a title and you will lose 5 points if you do not include the actors portion and/or biography of your villain and hero. So please read the rules carefully before submitting.

Tiana: "Good luck everyone!"

Ursula: "Good luck everybody!!!"

Kristoff: "Good luck everyone!"

Dopey: "I'll echo those sentiments , best of luck to all the players. Do we have a rough time as to when results will be announced ?"

Cruella de Vil: "That is a lot of reading, so it may not be until tomorrow."

Abu and Peter Pan talk in whispers while trying to write their stories.

Abu: "Looks like Cruella scrambled big time to survive that vote. You any good with the creative challenge, Pete?"

Peter Pan: "By only one fricken vote too. Damn it lol
Creative challenges are my favorite! I'm gonna try and win this lol"

Abu looks over at Scar.

Abu: "You feeling good with this writing assignment?"

Scar: "I was unable to get a submission in time for the HOH. Too many important jungle duties to attend to. How are you?"

Abu: "I'm doing well, Scar. I didn't submit either cause I normally don't do well with these creative writing challenges, so why bother. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt though. "

Abu wanders around and finds Dopey and Pumba sitting close by.

Abu: "Hey Dopey and Baymax, how's the challenge coming along?"

Dopey: "Hi guys/girls , that's us in our own little private space, where hopefully we can move forward as a team/force to be reckoned with ! I've submitted mine already lol. I'm sure I went way over 900 words !

I also chose to stay away from the classical princess/prince/magic etc, to try and be original, but realised after I submitted that mine was actually just a tale as opposed to a fairytale ! I wish I'd known I should have taken a "creative writing class" before signing up for this game"

Abu: "lol better than me, I haven't submitted anything yet. I got writers block."

Dopey: "Do we know who the judges are ? I get the feeling that they are using outside judges for this..."

Abu: "yeah it looks like outside judges so can take awhile."

Baymax's Diary Room

A creative challenge this early in the game? Hardly worth the effort. I am going to have to rely on my social skills to get past this round.

Next HoH after this is mine though.

A few hours later, each player is asked to go into the HOH room, one at a time to find out if they won the power.

*Pumba walks in*

Emma Swan: "You did not win the power."

Pumba: "Aww porks, hate these judges."

*Dopey walks in*

Dopey: "Please tell me I won, please please"

Emma Swan: "You didn't, sorry"

After a while, the winner walked in.

You have won the second Wizard Power of the season. You have until 6:00 p.m. EST tonight to post your pick for the Head of Household. It can be yourself or anyone in this cast. You must PM me your choice on this forum. Who you tell about this is up to you.

Cruella de Vil: "I choose to be HOH."

Emma Swan: "Very well"

Your Third Head of Household


Cruella de Vil

Please use the thread I will make you in the "Wizard's Lair" to post your nominations at your earliest convenience. Has to be tonight.

Your Third Head of Household


Cruella de Vil

Please use the thread I will make you in the "Wizard's Lair" to post your nominations at your earliest convenience. Has to be tonight.

Cruella de Vil: "Anyone who wants to talk, please message me. I will make a decision around 10pm.

Baymax, Dopey and Abu go make sandwiches for Cruella to try and butter her up. They use this time to chat a little in the kitchen before going up to her room.

Baymax: "Does anyone else notice that in almost every BB game, someone always wins HoH after almost getting evicted the round before? It is very odd how it works out that way"

Abu: "yeah that is pretty funny lol i hope cruella doesn't go after any of us."

Scar's Diary Room

Cruella not only stays, she wins new phone, who dis HOH!!!!! Very Happy


Suspicious still that Tiana didn't vote. I've told this to Gretel in our room, but I'll say it here too- be suspicious of Tiana. Be very suspicious!!! I know she's riding the middle and reaping all the benefits of doing so. It's why I've established private convos with Gretel, Cindy, Pumba, and Abu on the side as well. I. Do. Not. Trust. Tiana. Only I'm allowed to ride the middle dammit! And can I also say how in love I am with Queen Mombi?! She might end up being my ride or die this game. I haven't decided yet. Now that all of that's out of my system, I'll take a brief intermission to go eat dinner. More on this later!

So happy Cruella won HOH! How perfect! <3 Be back later for another d.r. sesh.

Meow. Scar out. cat

Scar and Cruella go celebrate in the celebratory storage room.

Scar: "You won HOH! Congrats. How exciting my darling. queen"

Cruella de Vil: "Thanks love...any suggestions on who to nominate. I know one character who I will put up, but I don't know who else. I know there are some liars out there who said they would keep me safe and didn't. Do you know of anyone who did such a terrible thing."

Scar: "Well who told you they would vote to keep you? I have no idea what Baymax did. He's a total enigma to me. Tiana by not voting raised a little red flag with me. But maybe she just really forgot, I don't know. I believe our villains room remained faithful to our alliance. Have a feeling Kristoff might've kept Flynn but he said they talked, so it makes sense. Flynn sure never talked to me. I don't know what Kristoff told you, but he probably voted to keep Flynn. Not sure about anybody else.

Who are you thinking of putting up?"

Cruella de Vil: "Baymax told me he voted to keep me, but Kristoff never said who he voted for. Both told me that they would vote to keep me, but one of both of them are lying."

Scar: "Can I be straightforward with you? Have you talked to Tiana? I am curious why she didn't vote. I don't buy that she "forgot". Just a gut feeling..."

Cruella de Vil: "She has been regularly messaging me, so I have a feeling that she just forgot. I guess I can do Peter Pan and maybe the Evil Queen, because she just doesn't seem too active. What do you think?"

Scar: "Ok. Smile But Evil Queen isn't a player. That's a co-host. lol. Definitely nominate Peter. He put you up! "

Cruella de Vil: "That is why the Evil Queen never contacted me. I knew Emma and Neal were hosts, but didn't realize the Evil Queen was one too. LOL"

Scar: "lol That's funny. Razz

Do you ever talk to Queen Mombi? I get a good vibe from her as potentially being someone good to talk to. Smile"

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah, Mombi is cool and funny."

Yzma and Ursula join them.

Yzma: "Congrats Cruella"

Ursula: "Great job cruella"

Cruella de Vil: "Thank you my villainous lovelies."

Peter Pan finds Dopey so he can complain to someone.

Peter Pan: "ugh, I tried to make mine funny. I guess it didn't win.

And now Cruella is the HOH. Damn it haha"

Dopey: "See you at veto tonight, hope fully we'll be able to work as a team again"

Peter Pan: "Omg I hope so haha!"

Tiana's Diary Room

Lord I where they at doe up and forgot to vote so didn't get to compete although I wouldn't have tried hard because I'm a lazy hoe.

I would have voted Cruella though which would have tied it up and sent her home.


Good thing I didn't vote because I'm probably not even on her radar at this point.

Gretel's Diary Room

Cruella got HOH which is FABULOUS! Despite our past differences and her leaving people in the woods which brings up my traumatized past...we are in a good place.

Anyway, Cruella knows I love her and was very invested in keeping her in the game last round. Another week of safety for me I think Very Happy

Scar is preparing some Tuna casserole in the kitchen. The smell tingles Baymax's censors so he goes to check it out.

Scar: "And now she won HOH... My how things work out. Curious who she'll nominate."

Baymax: "I hope you can put in a good word for me since I voted with you to save her. I would imagine she would nominate the person that put her up for revenge, seems the most logical.

It seems every Big Brother game I play this happens, where someone almost gets evicted and then ends up winning HoH the next round. Very odd indeed!"

Scar grabs his food and goes to the backyard to eat and talk with Gretel and Tiana.

Tiana: "Any idea who she will put up?"

Scar: "I have no clue. Since it was so close, I wonder who she thought was going to keep her? Maybe that'll affect her decision? Unsure. Hopefully she'll target Peter for putting her up!"

Tiana: "I think she will. I hope I don't get nominated since I didn't vote lol"

Gretel: "Well she would at least know you didn't vote her out haha. It's a crap shoot with everyone else. I bet she does Peter too."

Tiana: "Okay so it was a 6-5 vote...

Voted Flynn:
1. You
2. And You lol

Voted Cruella:
1. Pumba
2. Cinderella

Do you guys know where the other votes fall? We can try and use this to our advantage because most alliances voted together except ours split"

Scar: "I hoestly have no clue. People told me let's do whatever and see what happens basically. It should be telling who she nominates."

Tiana: "Lol I thought you talked to Cruella, Scar?"

Scar: "I talk to Cruella, but she just told me that she was told she had the votes to say. But I don't know who from. I voted to keep her, and that's all I know. If she thought she was safe and the vote came that close, then people must have lied to her, but I am not aware who might have promised her votes or whatever."

Tiana goes to look for her perfume in her room. She crosses path with Pumba and Cinderella.

Tiana: "Lol she won :/"

Cinderella: "Lmao, #isnervous.


Tiana: "Lol yessss talk to her! Laughing Kiss BOOTY like I did! lmao"

Cruella had enough information now, she was ready to nominate.

Cruella de Vil: "OK so here are my nominations...

I nominate
Peter Pan

You nominated me so I have to nominate you. I tried to work with you but you chose to nominate me.

Second nominated character is...
I thought we were OK, but it seems like you might have voted against me last time.

Anyhow, good luck with the POV and see you tomorrow."

Tiana: "Good luck to the nominees, and thank you for the key Cruella"

Cruella de Vil: "Not very suspenseful kids...lol. Sorry..."

Pumba: "Thanks for keeping me safe!!!!"

Ursula: "Thanks for the key"

Scar: "Thank you Cruella."

Baymax: "Thank you for your companionship.

I hope I get to participate in the PoV I have no had the chance to have some fun with the nominees!"

Yzma: "Thank you for the key Cruella."

Queen Mombi: "Thank you."

Veto Player Selection

I will need Cruella, Peter Pan and Kristoff to pick 1 numbers between 1-11. Each number is assigned to a player. Your selections will join you to compete in the next veto challenge. You have until Monday April 11th 7:00 p.m. EST

Cruella de Vil: "Since I can't pick 101, I will pick 1. Peter was a shoe in to nominate, but the other nominated character was harder. Kristoff hasn't really contacted me much, so that was why I chose him. Ursula, Pumba and Scar...you are welcome."

Kristoff: "3. Thanks for going off hearsay when nominating Cruella. If you would've came to me, I would've told you how I voted. Sad"

Peter Pan: "I'll pick number 7.

I understand. candy cane sweater."

Number 1 aligns with Ursula

Number 3 aligns with Dopey

Number 7 aligns with Baymax

Veto Players

Cruella de Vil
Peter Pan

Pumba: "Good luck veto players!"

Dopey: "Best of luck to the Veto players, and a big thank you to Cruella <3 xxx"

Cruella de Vil's Diary Room

I think that one or more of my allies are trying to make me look bad, and they will get off without any blood on their hands. They used me as their puppet and now are sitting back enjoying the show. I am not long for this game. People won't trust me after this. Something is going on... Dopey, Tiana and Scar are on. They might be all in cahoots. I hope that Scar isn't stabbing me in the back.

Gretel's Diary Room

But what in the world is Kristoff doing?!? It's week 3. You can prevent not getting nominated in a mystery game. Pull your act together lol. He's not as good as I thought.

BB is so easy to me now and far less time consuming. It will all come to a head later when I take Pumba out but for now just trying to keep people from rocking the boat. (*Looks at Scar and Tiana*) Scar is similar to me in paranoia and perception which is lol since I am telling him to relax! I originally wanted them as the final 3 too Sad. But now I will build Abu into my plans since Scar is a jury threat and I will pick him over Tiana I think...

More to come...going to go play in the woods with Cruella's dogs!

Queen Mombi's Diary Room

I THREW it and tried to look dumb. I think it works so far.

I think Scar and I are the most powerful alliance in this game. I really think with this shift in intensity, with the Cruella vote being 5-4 and then her winning HOH and going right after personal nominees, I feel like we should just go ahead and take a stab at the stronger player which I think is Peter Pan. Kristoff is strong too though. But we gotta sink our teeth into this JUICY opportunity.

Time to collect my first "Trophy" head. One I will be proud of. I am proud of Cruella staying more than getting her opponent out which is what matters to me. This round though, I'm making a big move. I feel like this is where I either become a character or I fade into mediocrity.

Kristoff's Diary Room

Well I got nominated. I knew I would when Cruella won HOH. Yeah, I did vote for her and I'd do the same thing every single time, so she can choke on several dicks. Hopefully I win POV tonight but if not, I should have support from a few of my friends and I made a deal with Cruella if she used her influence as HOH to keep me this week I wouldn't nominate her should I win HOH. As if. Her BOOTY would be the first one on the block, but I'll keep that little tidbit to myself.

Baymax goes to meet up with Scar to talk about the nominees.

Scar: "We're both ok!!! Smile"

Baymax: "Yay. This will be an interesting round. 2 very strong players are up. This will be good for us."

Scar: "Very good. Good luck in veto tonight!

Wonder what Cruella will do if someone comes off the block."

Baymax: "Well you talk to her ya? Has she said anything?"

Scar: "I only talk to her some. I have no idea what she's planning. It seems she's going after Peter, but if he comes down, I don't know what she'll do."

Elsewhere Gretel and Abu were looking for bananas in the fridge and storage room.

Abu: "We are safe again, Gretel. How are you feeling about the nominations, Peter and Kristoff?"

Gretel: "Glad it's not us. I would prefer to keep Kristoff!"

Abu: "ok we will try our best to keep him then."

Abu leaves and joins Dopey and Baymax.

Abu: "so what do you guys think about the nominees?"

Baymax: "I think if they stay the same then we will have our first big threat out of the game. So, logically that is good for us.

They are both nice players though."

Dopey: "Am I missing something ? I thought it was a mystery , so impossible to know who is who, which makes it difficult to tell which players are threats...or is it simply because Peter Pan has already won HoH ? But the fact that he didn't nominate any of us is good lol , no ? I think Scar is the biggest danger, simply because he is the chattiest out of all the players lol"

Baymax: "I consider anyone I am not in an alliance with and is very active a threat.

They are both likable characters that could be considered dangerous to us down the road.

Scar is not up for nomination so there is nothing we can do about that at this point."

Abu: "I guess we can always decide after POV challenge guys."

Who will win the third Power of Veto? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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