Episode #11 - Crazy Dog Woman

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Episode #11 - Crazy Dog Woman

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 17 Apr - 19:11:55

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #11 - Crazy Dog Woman

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Kristoff won the title of Head of Household and went for Queen Mombi and Yzma, the 2 quiet ones. Would they start barking a bit louder now?


The houseguests were having an afternoon nap before the next challenge.

Dopey's Diary Room

It really annoys me how players are so concerned about what everybody else is doing !! Who gives a my anaconda don't want ?? play your own game , play with your team before you start worrying about which way the others are voting !!!

The players were really anxious, no one wanted to go home. Only the power of veto could secure that for them.

Power of Veto #4 - (Bare Necessities)

Old Mother Nature's recipes. That brings the ~bare necessities~ of life

Veto Players

Queen Mombi
Cruella de Vil

Baloo wants to make the best Fruit Salad for the opening of the newest "Jungle Book" movie. Helo him determine the value for each of these fruits.


In 5 minutes I will post clues to help you figure out their numerical value.


- Post answers in your diary room (doesn't matter the thread)
- You have 30 minutes
- First person to get them all wins
- You can only submit once
- If no one has it perfectly after 30 minutes, the person with the most correct and fastest will win



Kiwi + Peach = 9
Orange + Apple = 12
Apple - Grapes = 7
Kiwi + Banana = 13
Peach - Orange = 2
Watermelon + Peach = 5
Pear + Orange = 11
Pineapple / Apple = 2
Banana - Peach = 4
Grapes + Kiwi = 8
Watermelon + Pear + Pineapple + Grapes = 33

Everyone got really busy making fruit salad, some even ate a little on the way.

We have a Winner


Kiwi: 5
Apple: 10
Orange: 2
Banana: 8
Watermelon: 1
Peach: 4
Pineapple: 20
Pear: 9
Grapes: 3

The winner with a perfect score is


Congratulations. Please post your decision on this thread at your earliest convenience.

Kristoff: "Wow! I wasn't even half way done Laughing"

Tiana: "That was fun!"

Ursula: "Great job tiana!!!"

Tiana: "Thanks Ursula"

Cruella de Vil: "Yeah, Tiana you killed it!"

Scar: "Congrats Tiana! Smile"

Yzma: "Congrats Tiana"

Gretel's Diary Room

Was that fruit veto challenge in english? What in the world? How can you possibly solve that. Someone explain.  scratch  scratch  scratch

I gave a half-hearted pitch for Cruella to stay off the block. Tiana is pushier than I am so it probably will fail, but my conscience feels better. I just really like Cruella a lot and the connection Scar/Tiana have with Queen Mombi is threatening to me since she's an unknown at this point. OMG. Rid me of Scar and Tiana RIGHT NOW. They both need to go but now isn't the time unfortunately. Tiana is just like annoying. You can't be so pushy with me. It will get you evicted so fast your head will spin

Gretel is annoyed that Tiana won the veto but she's trying to act happy. She starts talking to Scar in the storage room.

Scar: "This sucks..."

Gretel: "Do you think she'll use it? No way :/"

Scar: "I don't see why she would. Unless Kristoff asks her to or something. Idk. This sucks though. Because Yzma and Mombi aren't threats to you and I. I've even told Kristoff that they're not threats to him either. But we'll see what happens."

Gretel: "I don't know either of the noms really. Never spoke to Queen Mombi but if they weren't after us, rats!"

Scar: "Yeah Mombi is kind of alone. She's not really influenced by anyone. She would've done whatever moving forward. Yzma too. I just feel like Tiana's in a good place where everyone does whatever she says. Most people don't even talk to Dopey, but it seems like she does. And Abu/Pumba/Cindy all listen to her. Kristoff seems to like her enough. Then she has you and I. That's a lot of people and the cast is dwindling down at this point."

Gretel: "Yep, she's connected. :/"

Scar: "Trying to talk to Kristoff. If we can get him on our side (which I don't think he has a side at this point), then he could be really helpful."

Gretel: "Agreed! I will see what he's thinking too."

Tiana walks in.

Scar: "Nice job T! "

Gretel: "Congrats girl! Looked like a hard challenge."

Tiana: "Thank you!"

Scar: "That looked so hard."

Tiana goes to see Kristoff and Gretel to see what can be done now that she has the Veto.

Kristoff: "Jesus girl you KILLED that <3 I was stumped lol"

Tiana: "I got out a sheet of paper Laughing

What do you want me to do?"

Kristoff: "Do you think we should backdoor Cruella?"

Tiana: "She did win the HOH and that's something the other nominees haven't.

I could pull off Queen Mombi and you could put up Cruella"

Kristoff: "That sounds good to me!"

Gretel: "Can I ask a stupid question? Based on what she posted without the hints, how do you even begin to see the values? lol

Kristoff, do you think the two nominees staying will be mad you nominated them? It's a danger to leave 2 people that you nomd in, over one Cruella who you may be able to smooth things over with. She is the bigger threat of the bunch tho. It's just a risk thing."

Kristoff: "I have no idea how she did that lol

Hmm...that's true. Though I know Yzma isn't mad at me, she said she understood."

Tiana: "I thought this started at 9:30 not 9:00 lol. So I didn't get on until after the hunt was posted and I just wrote it all out and started with peaches lol.

We could try and get Cruella to tell us who threw the both of us under the bus to save her BOOTY this week"

Kristoff: "I like that idea tbh"

Tiana: "I didn't write booty I wrote A S S lol"

Gretel: "ooo I like it too. We need to know. You two both need to make a deal with her so she doesn't nominate you again too. I hope that doesn't mean she goes for me haha but maybe she doesn't know of us 3."

Kristoff: "How should we set this interrogation up lol"

Tiana: "lol I wish we had HOH rooms where you could summon me and Cruella haha"

Kristoff: "I KNOW lol Idk we could ask for a private room to be made immediately lol"

Gretel: "You guys do it downstairs so I can watch on the spy screen!! Wink

Maybe one of you should just PM her, not both cuz we don't want her to know you guys are aligned. That'd be bad."

Kristoff: "Well it'd make sense that the HOH/POV holder would be talking"

Tiana: "Oh yeah true if we have a room she will suspect us to be together. I can pm her and tell her I won't use the veto if she tells me"

Kristoff: "Tell us all about it lol"

Gretel: "true Kristoff. You could do that Tiana and Kristoff you could be like if Tiana uses it I guess you'd be an option since you put me up last week, but I am willing to make a deal if you let me know who is after me.

Ignore me tho, you guys do what feels right since you talk to her and she came after you!"

Tiana leaves momentarily to speak with Cruella and comes back to find Gretel and Kristoff rocking out to his Demi Lovato CD, of course listening to "Let it Go".

Tiana: "I  think she's insinuating its Scar. I just asked bluntly though."

Kristoff: "Lmao yasssss"

Tiana: "She's scared to put a name out there"

Kristoff: "Ugh does she not realize she could get backdoored lol"

Tiana: "I think I'm gonna save Mombi lol. Cruella isn't saying anything"

Gretel: "It's totally Scar. Just make her do a deal and be done with it haha. Crazy dog woman."

Kristoff: "Ahh so are we backdooring her lol"

Tiana: "I think it's Scar too. She's scared I'll tell that person she told me. She says she's not working with them but is trying to screw them over and is on "my side" now. My gut is telling me to keep her safe this round :/ idk why! Lol"

Gretel: "Maybe just leave it then? If she's working with you, it's better than 2 unknowns.idk."

Kristoff: "Just so you know Tiana, Scar just sent me a long BOOTY message trashing you. He said you are the most dangerous in the game and he also tried to get me to vote to evict you last round :/"

Tiana: "Only reason I would want to make a change is because I'd rather Yzma go home than Mombi"

Kristoff: "I think Cruella might be harmless lol and Scar is her puppet master"

Tiana: "LMAO can we backdoor Scar? What an idiot"

Kristoff: "Lmaooo I worry scar has lots of connections though. Ugh this is such a headache"

Tiana: "Heroes will all vote Scar I bet."

Kristoff: "Okay let's see there are 10 voters. Who do we think are for sure gonna vote him? I don't know. I have a weird feeling about it. Maybe we should just leave the noms and campaign for Yzma to go?"

Tiana: "Me

Cinderella, Pumba, & Abu would too. That's half and a tie you could break but I think others would vote him too against Yzma. 100% we have the votes to make it happen."

Gretel: "If you have a weird feeling, then let's just leave as is. We can try another round when we have connected all the dots! Maybe others will actually talk then."

Kristoff: "Idk Scar talks highly of Pumba. I feel like it has to be a concrete thing if we boot him"

Tiana: "Gretel what are your thoughts?"

Gretel: "I  guess I'm just tempted to say leave it as is for now. I do get worried about Scar and Cruella maybe coming after us, but with no one else being on to confirm the vote on Scar it does seem risky. He is a smooth talker and has lots of allies it seems like on both heroes and villains.

You guys did the hard part of winning tho so I am happy to just be here and included haha."

Kristoff: "Ugh, I just feel like nominating him right now is a bad move."

Tiana excuses herself to go talk some more with Cruella and get more information to convince Kristoff and Gretel. Kristoff invites Gretel to share his sweet peaches candy he received.

Gretel: "Scar?

I don't see him wanting you out, her maybe? I wonder if it's different people. Cruella nominated you for a different reason than Tiana if I remember right."

Kristoff: "Idk Scar wanted me to vote to keep Cruella and Peter and then he was mad I nominated Yzma & Mombi and wanted me to nominate Cinderella/Dopey (heroes). OH and Abu"

Gretel: "Wow. He must be playing everyone then. Doesn't feel good."

Kristoff: "Yeah I've been getting weird vibes off him for a little while now. I just haven't been too sure if I was right or not. Because I told him I was considering voting out Cruella. And then Cruella finds out. So, I'd be careful of what information you give him. He's shady"

Gretel: "Not saying anything to him anymore!! Not that I did say things anyway.

It's good we found out now. ok. Now I am thinking should you nominate him? Or would he be good as a target to keep us safer for a bit."

Kristoff: "Idk he's someone that is so connected and strong that I'd have to be sure he'd go home"

Gretel: "Ya, he probably wouldn't. Should we worry about Tiana's connections too?

This is too early for all of this to go on. I didn't realize people lie so much before the jury."

Kristoff: "Right?! I'm like super suspicious of EVERYONE except you lol Like, you are the only person I tell everything to lol I wonder if that means Tiana knows about our private room with Abu/Baymax."

Gretel: "Same here Smile and I don't think so. Abu and Baymax seem like they don't tell information. I haven't heard anything to that nature.That's why I said earlier I like them best.

We know Tiana and Scar too but they are dangerous or will be later!"

Kristoff: "Yeah. Idk if I should've told Tiana that but if Scar and her have all the connections, I kind of want them to fight each other lol and I thought maybe since Scar is already gunning for her, now she'd gun for him too lol"

Gretel: "this is ridiculous haha. I am so glad I have you in this game you have no idea!"

Kristoff: "Same! If you weren't here, I'd lose my mind. I'd be surrounded by people I don't trust!"

Gretel: "I don't even know anymore...if you put Scar up I think it'll backfire. If you don't, Tiana flips out. I am very wary of her now. She seems to be the biggest threat actually.

Can she be that mad if you say you can't take this (lol!) and will just put up Urusula or someone you don't know so it's a peaceful week?"

Kristoff: "Lmfaoooooo idk I think I'm gonna have to put him up :/. Things are way too silent right now. It's freaking me out lol"

It was time for everyone to render their decisions.

Tiana: "After much thought, I feel like it will be in my best interest to use the POV on Queen Mombi."

Kristoff takes a deep breath.

Kristoff: "So, I didn't want to do this because I really thought me and this person were friends. But, recents events have caused me to see that this person is playing a bigger game than I thought. It's with only respect that I nominate

Tiana: "Well good luck nominees"

The nominations are set in stone

Yzma & Scar you are both nominated for eviction tonight. Your peers now have until 6:00 p.m. EST on Thursday April 14th to vote for one of you to be evicted in their Diary Room.

Good Luck!

Remember that failure to vote means you cannot play in the next Wizard Challenge or be Head of Household.

Scar: "Sad"

Scar goes to see Kristoff with his tails between his legs trying to give the sad kitty look going.

Scar: "Well that's depressing. I have nothing against you at all. Sad"

Kristoff: "Omg Sad I feel like such a jackass now. I had so man people telling me that you were against me and you were the reason I got nominated. Ugh :/"

Scar: "Then if you're telling the truth, then people have it out for me. I never once got you nominated. I've been friends with you since the beginning. Sad"

Kristoff: "I'll see if I can get the votes for you to stay"

Scar: "I doubt it. If Tiana wants it, it will be so. If it ties, you can keep me though? I'll work on Baymax too."

Kristoff: "I'll do what I can Sad"

Scar: "Do you have any pull with Baymax or the "floaters" like Abu or even Pumba?"

Kristoff: "I've talked to them a little bit. I could always try."

Kristoff's Diary Room

Tiana won and I felt really good about things until I sorta fücked stuff up. Everything started piecing together with Scar and I realized that he had been feeding info to Cruella and he was the one that orchestrated my nomination. He had been trashing every hero in the game while praising all the villains and everything was so clear to me. I made the mistake of telling Tiana and she wanted Scar up immediately. I sorta wanted both to stay so I could pit them against each other but Tiana forced my hand by using the POV, so I had to nominate Scar. This was not what I wanted to do so early. Once the first big move happens, it opens a flood gate and threats start getting targeted frequently. I'm worried about this because winning POV & HOH back-to-back has painted me as a threat. But, I didn't come here to play cowardly. I am prepared to bathe in blood.

Scar's response tugged at my heartstrings. But, immediately I figured that he was up against a wall and needed me to help him stay. I know the trust he had in me, if any, is gone now so I don't need him snaking me later. I feel bad but what's done is done and I need him gone. I acted like I would help him so he wouldn't cause chaos. You give someone hope and they are less likely to burn a bridge by exposing you. I used my guilt as a way to further strengthen my bond with Gretel, because I felt that would help her trust me more and she really should because I won't screw her over.l

After a shocking turn of events, Scar found himself on the block. Does he have the prowess to avoid eviction? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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