Episode #32 - BOOTY

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Episode #32 - BOOTY

Post by Emma Swan on Sun 15 May - 15:19:58

NatKat's Big Brother Season 2
Happily Never After
Episode #32 - BOOTY

Once upon a time, in a house far far away from civilization, 16 strangers were locked up and propelled into a fantasy world like no other. While trying to survive the elements of this house and the game played within its walls, the 16 players have also lost all memory of who they really are and now think they are fairytale characters.

Tonight on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After, Baymax was safe, but it was anyone's guess who would officially leave this round. This is pretty much an unpredictable cast.


It was not time for the coveted final power of veto.

Dopey's Diary Room

Ok , I guess I should have picked up on this earlier , but even if I make it through this round, I am unlikely to progress any further. Gretel clearly offered me an F3 , which clearly means that she already has a deal F2 with someone (Baymax). So this is the question...IF I win veto tonight, who do I vote for ?? If I vote for Pumba , that leaves up against F2 partners , but if I vote for Gretel, I'm stabbing a long term ally in the back, and I can't do that...I know it's just a game , but it's not my style

Final Power of Veto (Family of the Future)

Keep moving forward!

Tonight is a very special veto because it will secure you a spot in the final 3 and could ultimately give you final say in who decides this vote off.

Lewis was building his time machine to travel into the future, but he messed it up and now has traveled to the past.

Embark on this journey with him and visit the past.

In 5 minutes, I will post a variety of questions and tasks, all has to do with this game and things passed. I hope you've been paying attention.


- You have 1 hour to complete this challenge
- Post in your Diary Room (thread doesn't matter)
- You can only submit once (except for tasks that need to be completed before you submit your final product)
- Spelling and capitalization counts. If I ask for a character name, it has to be exactly as it shows on the forum capitalization and spelling and all. Look over your answers before submitting. You all lost points over it yesterday if memory serves me right.


Pumba: "Good luck everyone!"

Baymax: "Best of luck to all my companions!"

Part 1: Who said what

For this section, I'm referring to posts made in public areas. I have since hidden those areas so you have to try and think back, hard.

1- "Very interesting indeed. I Love it."
2- "I think you mean "ribbit"."
3-  "I want a room with Neal he seems easy enough to manipulate."
4- "Kathy, why are our buttons in FRENCH?"
5- "*steals Cruella's wig and put it on Pumba*"
6- "I wonder what the twist will be?"
7- "Good thing I pineapple slurpee on your head eh <3"
8- "Hello Hades. Nice to see you here."
9- "So is anyone single here??"
10- "Good luck everyone! Don't Nominate me?"

Part 2: Observant

These will be random questions that sometimes will involve a little luck, but could be to your advantage if you were being observant at activity, etc.

1- In The Game Rules thread, I posted the rules and used 5 colours (other than the green used on all the writing) name the 5 colours. The name must be as it is in your colour drop down menu in your post options.
2- Take a guess on how many posts this forum currently holds. You will get the point if you guess within 1000 of the answer without going over. So let's say the answer is 4100 then answers between 3100-4100 would be accepted.
3- I hid the main public section (where the schedule was, etc), what was its name of the section?
4- Which juror do you think has posted the most in the jury house?
5- Which pre juror do you think has posted the most in the pre jury section?

Part 3: Walk Down Memory Lane

1- How long did the Yahtzee challenge last? Start from the first dice roll to the last dice roll. I want hours and minutes (round off the seconds to the nearest minute)
2- Who unleashed the random.org curse on the game?
3- Name the 3 Hosts.
4- Who had issues replying to private messages?
5- How many times was Queen Mombi saved by a veto?
6- Who was the first juror?
7- Who was the only person to not get $20 during the Pandora's Veto?
8- Which character got expelled from the game?
9- How many times did we have HOH and POV on the same night?
10- Find me a link to the picture I posted of the Wizard when I announced the Wizard twist.

Part 4: Oh Challenges, where art thou?

This last part will have you complete tasks seen in challenges this season.

1-  You have 5 coins. Give them away or keep them, but someone will get a point for this while the other 3 wont. Divide them how you want or keep them all.

2- Tell me which Users from Meet the Robinson IMDb board has these signatures.

a) Proud Maiko Shipper Smile
b) Take Me Out Tonight *MEOW*
c) http://www.centsports.com/?opcode=145993
d) This is a Maid speaking by the way
e) ~ wanting to be someone you're not is a waste of the person you are - Kurt Cobain ~

3-  Answer these questions about planets

a) A planet is massive enough to be rounded by its own _(fill in the blank)_
b) Name he 4 terrestrial planets
c) Which 5 planets are labeled as "naked to the eye" (not including the sun and moon)

4- Roll the 5 Dice once on this thread

5- Make a thread titled "Ready, Set, Go". In this thread you can only post 10 times (not including the OP). You will only get a point per post that has a 6 as the last digit of the time stamp. 8:40:06 or 8:45:36, etc. Again, I will only count the first 10 posts in that thread after the OP and you can only make the thread once[/b]

With such a crucial power on the line, everyone was working really hard.

Dopey to Gretel: "ok, I've got no chance with this lol, if you're missing nay answers, let me know, if I have them I'll pass them to you"

Gretel: "Same here, it's a guessing game!"

Dopey: "I'm not even gonna bother submitting...hope you get it <3"

Gretel's Diary Room

I didn't go a full 100% on the final 4 veto, but I did try and have a gut feeling I will win it since none of the others appear to be submitting LOL, which means I wasted like 45 minutes of my time and one of them shouldn't have trusted me. Like I said earlier, I wanted Baymax out this round, but should I win I will be backstabbing....could be interesting to see what I'll do!

The Winner is

Congratulations in advance to the winner, you just secured yourself a spot in the final 3.

With 24 points the winner of the Final Power of Veto is


I will go make an eviction thread in the Wizard's Lair where you will post the name of the character you choose to evict between Pumba and Dopey. Good luck both of you.

Pumba: "Good job Gretel! Impressive"

Baymax: "That was an exhausting challenge! Congrats Gretelbae <3"

Emma Swan: "It's that part of the game where you have to ~wurk it~"

Pumba wants to make sure Gretel will keep him.

Pumba: "Are you going to make your decision tonight?"

Gretel: "Ya I switched to mobile so give me a minute."

Pumba: "Thank you"

Gretel: "No thank you necessary! I am so excited and I just hope you do know I wanna f2 lol. Now we can try to make Baymax feel safe so he doesn't try as hard in the last HOH!!"

Pumba: "Should we both tell him we want F2?"

Gretel: "Do you think that will make him not try? I don't want you to feel uneasy at all if I fake promise that but it may be smart!"

Pumba: "Yeah. I doubt it will work but it's worth a try"

Gretel had yet another hard decision to make. Regardless if she wanted to do it or not, she had no choice and knew what needed to be done for her own personal game.

Baymax: "omg I love you!! We kick BOOTY at this together! <3

My recommendation is Pumba obviously, just because of how many challenges he's won but the choice is yours!

I promise that if I win HoH Dopey will be evicted."

Gretel: "wohoo!!! Ok let me think. I worry cuz Dopey is stronger than he lets on (he told me previously he's given 4+ HOHs away that he's done) and Pumba has been sucking lately.


After a few minutes she looks back at him.

Gretel: "I'm just gonna do Dopey I guess cuz that's my gut on who is easier to beat. Sorry I didn't lean more your way, but either way I know we got this!!"

Baymax: "Whoa did he actually? If that is the case then go with your gut."

Gretel: "Ya he specifically named Yzum and Peter Pan and indicated there was more too. He hadn't given up on the game!! Pumba only won the random.org HOH."

Baymax: "Pumba won 5 or 5 challenges over all, I remember going back and looking at them awhile ago and his name came up several times. I think it was 2 HoHs and 3 PoVs?

Either way, I believe you and that was a smart play."

Gretel: "He won that many??? "

Eviction Ceremony #13

HOH - Baymax
Nominees - Dopey and Gretel
POV - Gretel (Used on herself)
Nominees - Dopey and Pumba

For one of you, it's about to be a Happily Never After ending. This person will become the sixth juror and have a role in deciding on the winner.

Gretel walks in with tears in her eyes.
I choose to use the veto on myself and evict Dopey. There's more to your game than meets the eye and you played really well!

Only 1 vote this round

By a vote of

We say goodbye to the lovely


Thank you so much for joining. You started slowly, being just the weird and rather quiet dwarf but as the game progress, you became an instrumental part of decisions and you upped your game a lot. It's sad to see it end now after such efforts were put in. I enjoyed watching you play this game and I hope you had fun playing it.

Here's one last roll for you my friend <3

The rest of you, congratulations on making it to the final 3 stage. Part 1 of the final HOH will be tentatively tonight.

Pumba: "Thank you Gretel. Great game Dopey!"

Gretel's Diary Room

I won the final 4 veto!! I usually do well in these type of challenges because I observe details in games. Now it's deciding between Dopey and Pumba, and whipping out my newly clean knife that used to be coated in Tiana's blood!

While I'd prefer Dopey win the game over Pumba, I have to just make the decision that my gut indicates is correct. My gut unfortunately says to keep in Pumba. I had my shot to take him out and now I've very clearly justified in my mind why I shouldn't do it right now. It all comes down to the final 3 HOH and I just need to make both of these people take me!!! Can I make it happen!?!?!?

Three people who proved able to win challenges but resisted most of the season remain. How will this all play out for this final Head of Household? Find out next time on NatKat's Big Brother Season 2 - Happily Never After.
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